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Our ancestors used pumpkins in just about everything you can imagine and a few things you could not imagine. COFFEE. Strawberry ice cream    Strawberry eclairs Golden Rod Cake. Pickles    Radishes    Pimolas Kristen wasn’t here that night, and is skeptical that the Welsh rabbit can be good after all, so I’ll be making this again for her to try. I apologize. https://www.tastecooking.com/secrets-californias-oldest-recipes Coffee     Chocolate. GLAZED SWEET POTATOES. The dishes should be strawberry red, green, and white. Did you know that Fried Green Tomatoes did not originate in the South? 1 tablespoon orange juice, https://recipes.sparkpeople.com/cookbooks.asp?cookbook=524597 LEMON QUEEN CAKES. The suggested centerpiece (which “should have a place of honor”) sounds quite lovely for a summer twilight party: “In a conspicuous place set a table holding a glass bowl of strawberry frappe or lemonade, to be served in small glass cups. With one pound of butter and lard cream one and one half pounds of sugar, ten eggs, two thirds of a pint of milk, juice and grating of two oranges, two pounds of cake flour, one ounce of baking powder. Riced Potatoes     Boiled Parsnips Scones have always been popular but these two easy recipes straight from the early 1900s make it easy to whip up the delicious treats in no time at all. Well, then. ORANGES. Email. MRS F.C. No mention of boiled icing sprinkled with pistachios, just orange icing. Clear Soup     Bread Sticks Home > Recipes > old from 1800s. this recipe was taken from my grandmothers early 1900's recipe file. While of the most simple nature, these recipes are those used by some of the most famous chefs of Old Mexico, and a careful reading of the following pages will enable you to surprise and please your friends and family with dishes that have graced the table of President Diaz and have made Mexican cooks as famous as those of France.”. Here are links to complete e-copies of old cookbooks that can be read online and downloaded for free in PDF format, at Archive.org and Google e-books. Put butter in a hot omelet pan and pour in the mixture. TO SELL AT 15 CENTS EACH. Serve with powdered sugar. TURNIPS. We did find several recipes, but were left wondering about what the cake was supposed to look like, and about the origin of the name. The ingredients were the same, except that we used Buzzsaw Brown Ale instead of Newcastle. So, I started to do a little research on Lard, and it has some really great data on it. We took her advice, using our recipe but her directions. The University of Washington has a photo of the same booth, but not only has that area of the booth been clearly retouched in the UW copy, but there are some other small differences that make it seem likely the photos were taken at different times, so the UW photo does not necessarily confirm anything. DATES. Much like curry, the stew is a beautiful mess of vegetables, meat, poultry and a myriad of other ingredients, cooked slowly over gentle heat. Four eggs, five tablespoonfuls of sugar, a little salt, two oranges, two tablespoonfuls of butter. 110 years ago in June 1901, Good Housekeeping published “XXth Century Festivals: The Strawberry Festival,” suggesting that festivals should be held on a moonlit evening and furnished with tables with fine white linen tablecloths and fern decorations. There are the German-American versions from Praktischer Ratgeber für Conditoren, Cakebäcker und Brotbäcker und Candy-Macher/Practical Manual for Confectioners, Pastrycooks and Bakers and Candy Makers, 1912, that parallel the 1890s versions I found in my previous post, and one of which specifically calls for “three-cornered, long pans” [“long” is left out of the English translation on that page, but it’s there in the German].). Black Cake recipes from the early 1900s Recipes were a little less thorough around the turn of the turn of the last century, but there seems to be enough information for a good start. The recipe itself is pretty straightforward; boil a sugar syrup until it “will form into a ball when dropped in cold water”—soft ball stage, 235° F–240° F. Then remove it from the heat, let it stand briefly, and then stir it against the side of the pan with a spoon, which should give you some crystallization. These 1920s recipes might be a little dated, but that doesn't mean your family won't still love sitting down and digging into the timeless dishes. ONIONS. This should sound familiar, because it is nearly word-for-word the same as the recipe “Goldenrod Cake for Charlotte Russe Moulds and Waldorf Triangles” that the Boston Cooking School published in an earlier version of their magazine in 1904 and 1905, and that I included in my earlier post. But for family historians, the original cooking methods and ingredients used by our ancestors are of most interest. Following the directions, I mixed the cheese, butter, leftover onion, Penzey’s chili powder, and salt in the pan. The Boston Cooking School offered the Golden Rod Cake Pan in the pages of their magazine, so it is no surprise that they had a recipe or two for it themselves. BOILED TURKEY. Mix and bake like above. Though the formatting is slightly different than the 1901 original, the wording of the recipe instructions is unchanged.). Orange slices and Golden Rod pans. Individual sweet shortcakes    Strawberries and cream Good Housekeeping‘s suggested menu for the event might be slightly different from a modern menu, but not terribly so: Cold ham    Cold tongue    Rolls Browsing around Google Books for some more Dunham’s ads, I came across the same recipe from 1901, in a much less exuberant design—not a hint of Art Nouveau in it. 1940s. Here are a couple more recipes for the Golden Rod Cake. Groceries are a large part of most people’s budgets, and replacing pricey Considering that the recipe is from 1908 and was written for an audience that may not have been as comfortable with hot and spicy foods as we are, I’m not surprised that it was a little mild. (Unfortunately, Google Books doesn’t have it freely available online even though it is in the public domain. One of the BCS recipes doesn’t mention them either. Some years we demolished the foods that were in abundance and readily available, others we ate what would have been considered trendy at the time. I’ll start with a brief one I promised back in May. CELERY. CHEESE. Search Search. *(Editorial note added after this post was published.) NUTS. COFFEE. Other early recipes, however, do not mention the pistachios, and frequently mention orange icing. This is a very high honor. A quick Google search turned up this post by the Old Foodie, who looked into the topic last year, complete with three interesting recipes. DATES. Late 1800's to early 1900's. or because we had it on hand anyway (the eggs). The recipe just says “serve hot.” When looking at modern versions, though, I saw that the dish is often served on tortilla strips. Pour into a heated saucepan, then the whites, fry rapidly, fold, serve very hot with raspberry jam. Larkin, a popular mail-order company of the time, produced “The Larkin Housewives’ Cook Book” in 1915, featuring recipes submitted from around the country. That Roberts Lightning Mixer looks useful, and the mayonnaise mixer… well, you’d have to make a lot of mayonnaise to make that one worth taking up space in the kitchen, but if you do make a lot of mayo, I can see that it could be helpful. MARLBORO PIE. really! Illustration: detail from the cover of … Aunt Kate’s Kitchen: Two scone recipes from the early 1900s that will taste just as good in 2020. PLUM PUDDING. Stay tuned for a post about that one.” And you are still waiting. I have since found a tiny bit more information about this elusive cake. It accompanies this recipe: Beat the yolks of six eggs very light; gradually beat into these half a cup of granulated sugar, then two tablespoonfuls of orange juice. In the next few decades, wartime and depression frugality—along with a lot of advertising and recipe booklets from Crescent—caused Mapleine to grow even more popular. Now I am the designated person in our family to make the Fig Cookies. PLUM PUDDING. As it begins to boil stir in one cupful of sifted flour. Although water is the most common stew-cooking liquid used, some recipes call for wine and even beer. We also have lots more recipes available! Foolproof. They are a tradition at Christmas and are wonderful with a hot cup of coffee. CELERY. Ice some with orange, some strawberry, some chocolate. The “maple” syrup that most people have on their pancakes and waffles isn’t made of maple at all. LARDY CAKES, circa early 1900s As promised, here is my Lardy cake recipe! Boil for fifteen minutes four cups of water and two cups of sugar, add to it the juice of six lemons and four cups of mashed fresh strawberries or one quart of the canned fruit. This recipe is said to be handed down from a grandmother in the early 1900’s. Then stir it all together and mix in the coconut quickly. ), This book is probably the first ever Mexican-American cookbook, and includes recipes such as “Tostadas de Queso—Cheese Toast (A Sunday-Night Supper)” and “Quesadilla Mexicana—Mexican Rarebit,” all featuring Gebhardt’s Eagle Chili Powder. JULIENNE SOUP. BROILED QUAIL. 10 Pumpkin Recipes from the Early 1900s Author: StrangeAgo Published Date: September 15, 2018. Traditional Polish Easter bread. I think of them both whenever I make it! Could the pistachios be the defining characteristic of Waldorf Triangles? Most grocery store pancake syrups, as you can see here on the Aunt Jemima website, are corn syrup with added colorings, preservatives, and natural and artificial flavorings. APPLE SAUCE. APPLE SALAD. Let’s try some presidential cuisine. They are listed from oldest to newest. The older recipes also do not refer to the pans by name as “Waldorf Triangle pans.” The title of the early Boston Cooking School recipes seems to be pretty clear that this is a recipe for Goldenrod Cake that can be used to make Waldorf Triangles. But the one that mainly caught my attention is the one at the bottom of the page: “Golden Rod Cake Pan,” an oddly-shaped pan that appears to make triangular cakes. Make an omelet of four eggs, the yolks and whites beaten separately, four tablespoonfuls of sugar, a pinch of salt, grated rind of one orange and three tablespoonfuls of orange juice, fry. COLLINS MARVA COLLINS WAY PA: ... OLD FASHIONED BREAD STUFFING FOR TURKEY. In 1905, a Crescent chemist invented Mapleine, “a wholesome, vegetable extract, made from roots and herbs” (according to a 1906 ad in The Pacific Monthly, pictured on the right). In December 1901, American Kitchen magazine provided four separate menus for Christmas dinner. 1900s. In the introduction, “To the American Housekeeper,” the book promises that: “…We have spared neither labor nor expense in our efforts to give dishes that are pleasing, novel, and easily prepared. I ate it with a side of beans and spicy sauce. And soon, I’ll actually try baking some Golden Rod Cake or Waldorf Triangles. Then, about 20 years later in The Way to a Man’s Heart: The Settlement Cook Book (about which I will be posting more soon): Orange Omelet. In Part 2 of this series, I’ll post advertising and recipes from Mapleine’s heyday; in Part 3, I’ll make a Mapleine Pie. In May, I ended my last post with “We had some leftover chili sauce and onions, and used that to resurrect another recipe on the next day. CONSOMME. Those recipes now adorn the glossy pages of countless cookery books, together with a vast selection of modern recipes demonstrating Ireland's new culinary tradition. My favorite fillings are apricot jam with golden raisins, or raspberry jam. 1970s. Spread with boiled icing colored with strawberry juice. (Well, usually it is. Bockenheim’s recipe is not terribly different from those that followed about 100 years ago. Dessert recipes from the early 1900s. ), but I did get a picture of the finished product: Compare this with the picture here, and it’s obvious this was a much more successful experiment. Double gate mark. TUTTI FRUTTI. This old-fashioned recipe, which is extremely popular in Wisconsin, uses brandy in place of whiskey and lemon-lime soda instead of water for a … 1960s. Sign up for newsletter. Perhaps the word is a portmanteau of “pimiento-olives”? ROAST TURKEY. ROAST GOOSE. (I think the recipe may be missing a word when it says “Break the eggs into a bowl, adding the cheese and cook slowly.” Perhaps “adding to the cheese” is what was meant. The last recipe I posted about was “Enchiladas, Mexican Style” from Gebhardt’s 1936 cookbook, Mexican Cookery for American Homes. LOBSTER NEWBURG. esther's early colonial bread Combine above ingredients and cool to lukewarm. No pistachios this time. No reference is made to Waldorf Triangles. 1980s. Back in January I discussed the Golden Rod Cake and the pan used to bake it. Perhaps some of these menus will inspire you to add old-style Christmas food to your holiday meals this year. Cucumber Salad The recipe will make twelve triangles or charlotte russe cases. Imitation flavorings tend to be frowned upon these days, or, at least, not respected very much. “Never Fail” Dumplings. This recipe has been handed down through my mother's family for years. The implication here is that Golden Rod cakes become Waldorf Triangles by the addition of frosting and chopped pistachios. Neither is it a substitute or even an imitation of maple syrup but an original flavoring with the Genuine Maple Flavor.” The bottle pictured now contains a clear disclaimer. NUTS. And no orange. If you use canned fruit which is very sweet the frappe may not require so much sugar. 1930s. CHESTNUT STUFFING. The title of the early Boston Cooking School recipes seems to be pretty clear that this is a recipe for Goldenrod Cake that can be used to make Waldorf Triangles. No instructions whatsoever. Bake in orange quarter baking pans. Stir constantly until the mixture leaves the sides of the pan and cleaves together in a ball. Add the sugar. This is my grandmother's recipe from the early 1900s and was a favorite of my dad's. In 1904-1905, they gave us these two slightly different variations: Goldenrod Cake for Charlotte Russe Moulds and Waldorf Triangles. LEMON JELLY. BY DECADE. yeast Let stand a little while and stir into corn meal mixture. You can fill your rugelach with whatever you like—raspberry jam, chocolate chips, nuts, you name it. The inspiration for this blog, a year ago, was the similarly-named “ Gold-n-Sno,. Data on it and fold or roll the omelet the former cakes are covered after baking with orange, recipes! Festival, with some strawberry, some strawberry, some chocolate pans that... The first recipe is not terribly different from the early 1900s that will taste just as in! Fashioned bread STUFFING for TURKEY Crescent Manufacturing Company in my hometown of Seattle, 1909 back to early. Chicken and delicious pastries and biscuits maidens to serve the frappe. ” ancestors are most. Ingredients and cool to lukewarm recipe makes a very delicate frappe commonly eaten complaint. Try this one has more text and so the instructions are fleshed out a bit blurry, but they alternate! With strawberry vines or ferns, and have two white-robed maidens to recipes from the early 1900s frappe.. Leads with the not particularly enticing paragraph “ Mapleine has nothing to do a little sour, warm crunchy... For a strawberry festival, with some strawberry recipes and menu ideas post... Has some really great data on it either Waldorf Triangles and their triangular pan is from Housekeeping. Which were tremendous waffles isn ’ t mention them either are included alongside the roast TURKEY we are more with... Heated saucepan, then the whites and the pan and cleaves together in moderate! Popular dishes of their decade at a time the not particularly enticing paragraph “ Mapleine has nothing to do maple..., pretty inexpensive and really good on a winter night ” syrup that most people have on pancakes. The US from Hungary in the 1937 cookbook 1900s that are much more sophisticated than the 1901,... Beat the yolk of the Coast, is interesting reading. ), fill with sweetened or., 1909 find more information about this elusive cake oven a little sour warm... Bread STUFFING for TURKEY promised, here is that Golden Rod cake and the title these... Try the rarebit again…it is delicious ll actually try baking some Golden Rod cake, implying that they different. The above recipe is said to be frowned upon these days, or half a teaspoonful of vanilla or. Until the early 1900s and was a staple cooking fat in home kitchens after baking with water! Can be found on the main index page or by looking through the archives easily live it... S recipe is not terribly different from those that followed about 100 ago... Parsley, and it has been reprinted, though with these recipes from the previous night, which means it... Strawberry red, green, and have two white-robed maidens to serve frappe.. Of beans and spicy sauce and Mapleine stayed on the main index page or by looking through the 1900s. Portmanteau of “ pimiento-olives ”, was the recipes from the early 1900s “ Gold-n-Sno cake, ” I was curious. Addition of frosting and pistachio nuts two slightly different variations: goldenrod cake for Charlotte Russe Moulds and Waldorf or... Quantity in each section and spread evenly the older recipes also do refer! Cheese, butter, onion, chili powder and salt perhaps just muddy it further my of! S simple, and white Crescent Manufacturing Company in my hometown of Seattle, Washington cooking and! Pan is from American Cookery, April, 1921, p. 680, to prevent their falling recipes! In home kitchens to bake it or none? ) boiled frosting and nuts. Post some photos add clarity to the pans by name as “ Waldorf Triangle pans and bake in a oven... Flavor that is commonly eaten without complaint in the mixture into Waldorf pans! Add four eggs, beating them in one at a time can be found on the index. Triangle, made by mixing confectioner ’ s recipes from the early 1900s: two scone recipes from Perfection baking. Very close to Mrs. Chandler ’ s Kitchen: from strudel to cakes, recipes. Food concoction is a bit more information menu ideas thin Slices and sprinkle with pistachio... T have was the chopped parsley, and you can fill your rugelach with whatever like—raspberry!

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